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Ingersoll-Rand Air Driers

Compressed air that emerges from a compressor is extremely damp. To prevent this damp from damaging tools that are used, or products that come into contact with the damp air, you can use air driers (also called refrigerated air driers) from Ingersoll-Rand. The air driers are, among other matters, used in dry cleaners, car respraying shops and production environments, where damp is unwanted (e.g. production of foodstuff).

Ingersoll-Rand air driers abstract moisture (condensation) from the compressed air by cooling it down. The compressed air is subsequently reheated in the pipe, due to which the remaining damp evaporates. You can purchase or hire Ingersoll-Rand air driers at Laco.

Using an Ingersoll-Rand air dryer

Before purchasing or hiring an Ingersoll-Rand air dryer, it is important to ask a professional Laco advisor for advice on how to use the refrigerated air dryer/air dryer. He can determine whether an IT dryer is appropriate for your application and advise you on how to use it. At Laco you will not only find tools, but also professional help and a flexible service.

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