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Enerpac Wedges

Enerpac wedges make it easy to lift heavy loads. When you, for instance, want to move heavy machinery and there is little space between the floor and the machine, Enerpac wedges can be used to lift the machine. The lifting wedge requires a very small access gap of only 10 mm. The safety block can subsequently be put in place and the lifting wedge can be removed.

Enerpac wedge spreaders are, among other matters, manufactured for maintaining flange connections, without this resulting in flange damage and spreading arm failure. Laco has hydraulic Enerpac wedge spreaders in its product range that only require a very small access gap of 6 mm (maximum spread 81 mm) with a spreading force up to 14 ton. Both types of Enerpac wedges are sold and rented at Laco.

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Purchasing or hiring Enerpac wedges?

Please contact Laco before purchasing or hiring Enerpac wedges. Our professional employees will help you select the right wedge, pump, connector, coupling and hose combination.  At Laco you will get exactly what you need.

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