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Special tailor-made components

The extensive CEJN product range practically meets all needs. Do you need something extra or something you can’t find on our website; then please contact us for expert advice. At Laco, you can get special tailor-made components.

We have an extensive product range featuring variousreels, hydrauliccouplings, hoses etc. We have the right tools in stock for most jobs. Do you however have a specific and/or additional need: then discover the various possibilities.


At Laco, you can get tailor-made components. Our expert advisors will sit down with you to analyse the problem, discuss the possibilities and will come up with a great solution. You have immediate access to our technical knowledge, which will enable you to find the correcttools, equipment and accessoriesfor all your jobs.

Immediate action

Do you have a complicated job on your list? Take immediate action and schedule an exploratory and enlighteningconsultation with your partner for high-quality specialist applications!

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