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Norbar Pneumatic Torque Wrenches

Norbar pneumatic torque wrenches, also referred to with the abbreviation “PT” (PneuTorque), are ideal for maintenance and manufacturing activities. You can use a torque multiplier for small quantities of bolted connections, but it will take too much time, if that number increases. Using a pneumatic torque wrench is moreover less tiring and more precise, especially if you use an electronic automatic shut-off.

Norbar pneumatic torque wrenches are silent (not more than 85 dB), powerful (the largest PneuTorque capacity is 300,000 Nm) and precise. There is a large selection of accessories and parts, which make the Norbar PneuTorque wrenches extremely all-round tools for a wide range of applications. Many types of testing and reading instruments can be linked to these tools, giving you and allowing you to keep full control over the applied force.

PneuTorque wrenches are mostly used for loosening or tightening bolts up to 150 mm diameter, e.g. on wheels of trucks and (larger) machinery, in the building industry, on flange connections and the bolted connections of heat exchangers.  The Norbar pneumatic torque wrenches can also be used for moving larger machine parts, testing seals and affixing and removing safety valves on gas cylinders.

Laco sells and rents pneumatic torque wrenches.

Choosing a norbar pneumatic torque wrench

Would you like to purchase or hire a Norbar PneuTorque wrench? Then please first ask a professional Laco employee for advice. He will be able to tell you which pneumatic torque wrench is the most appropriate one for your application and will moreover advise you on how to use it. At Laco, you cannot only purchase or hire the best pneumatic torque tools, you will moreover get expert advice and a first-class service.

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Norbar pneumatic torque wrenches - the product range

The extensive Norbar “PT” product range can be divided into the following series:

PTM-52 – light and fast wrenches that allow for comfortable and safe working. Can be delivered in 500 and 800 Nm capacity and  both uni- or bi-directional. There are the PTM-52 models, which can be easily combined with testing and reading instruments, in the form of a transducer with display (torque in Nm) and a transducer linked to an external control unit for more control over the applied force. This version allows maximum control.  All versions switches off (or stop) when the desired torque is reached.

PTM-72 – The larger design of the PTM-52 is still practical and relatively light (ca. 6 kg.), whereas it has a much higher capacity:  1000, 1350 and 2000 Nm models, uni- or bi-directional and with an internal or external control unit. Specially designed for workplaces, where bolts for many car and truck wheels should be tightened or loosened, there are two PTME-72 models (1000 and 2000 Nm), with the same possibilities.

PTM-92 and PTM-119 – The highest capacities from the range of hand-operated pneumatic torque wrenches (from 2700 to 6000 Nm) are surprisingly light (8.5 to 12.5 kg) and are bi-directional.

Small Diameter PneuTorque models – The Small Diameter Pneumatic torque wrenches are ideal to use in areas, where there is little space. They have an enormous capacity, up to 5500 Nm, despite their small diameter, uni- or bi-directional.

Standard – PneuTorque wrenches from the Standard series are used for heavy-duty activities, with capacities to 300,000 Nm. The design of these tools can be adjusted upon request.

TrukTorque – The TrukTorque is specially designed for wheels of trucks, with a capacity from 200 to 1000 Nm. The setting possibilities make the TrukTorque suitable for the majority of truck wheels.

Norbar pneumatic torque wrench