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Rehobot single-acting hydraulic cylinders are all-round cylinders and are used for a wide range of applications in manufacturing, building and maintenance environments. Rehobot delivers light single-acting hydraulic cylinders in capacities ranging from 5 to 25 ton, somewhat heavier cylinders with capacities ranging from 5 to 100 ton, lock nut cylinders and pull cylinders. Laco sells and rents Rehobot cylinders.

Product group overview

Choosing a Rehobot single-acting cylinder

Rehobot single-acting hydraulic cylinders can be used for a wide range of applications. Choosing the right cylinder is often difficult, since there are so many applications and cylinders.  That is why it is wise to ask a professional Laco employee for advice before purchasing or hiring a single-acting hydraulic cylinder.  He will be able to help you choose the right Rehobot single-acting hydraulic cylinder for your application and will also advise you on how to use it and how to combine it with a pump and system components. Laco does not only have cylinders and hydraulic tools, Laco also provides professional advice and an excellent service.

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