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Rehobot Electric Pumps

Rehobot electric pumps for powering hydraulic tools are suitable for many different applications and can be delivered in various capacities.  Rehobot electric pumps are driven by rotary current 230 or 400 Volt, but can also be delivered with different voltages on request.  All Rehobot electric pumps have a built-in safety valve which prevents overfilling of the tank. Laco has included these electric pumps in its product range, both for purchase and hire.

Using a Rehobot electric pump

Are you planning on purchasing or hiring a Rehobot electric pump? Then please ask Laco for advice. There you will find professional advisors, who will help you select the right electric pump and will advice you on how to combine it with other tools. Laco has a very extensive range of electric pumps; you get tailored advice and a first-class service.

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