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Holmatro Petrol Pumps

Holmatro petrol pumps are used to power hydraulic tools in places, where there is no electricity readily available. These are often places that are difficult to access: a landscape through which a road is constructed, or building sites, which do not have an electrical installation yet.

The Holmatro product range includes 14 petrol pumps, both 1- and 2-stages. The oil pressure is maintained, if power source fails in Holmatro pumps. You can purchase or hire Holmatro petrol pumps at Laco.


Would you like to purchase or hire a Holmatro petrol pump? Then please first contact a professional Laco advisor. He can tell you everything you need to know about the applications of the pump and the possibilities of combining it with single- or double-acting operating valves. You will also purchase or hire exactly what you need with his advice. Laco does not only have an extensive and all-round range of pumps for purchase or hire, but also has the expertise and offers the flexible service you are looking for.

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