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Holmatro Mobile Hydraulic Cutters

Holmatro mobile hydraulic cutters are made from high-quality aluminium, which keeps them light enough to use as handheld tools. Because of their mobility, they are used in places, where, among other things, strips, cables and tubes (pipes) must be cut, even if these are difficult to reach. Because the pumps with which the Holmatro mobile hydraulic cutters can be combined are also compact, the sets are extremely mobile.

You can purchase or hire various Holmatro mobile hydraulic cutter sets at Laco, complete with pump, hose and any accessories you require.


The nature of the activities and applications naturally determines which Holmatro mobile cutter should be used. If you are planning on purchasing or hiring an electric torque wrench, please turn to a professional Laco employee for advice. He can explain the differences in use and capacity, so that you are sure that you are selecting the right Holmatro mobile hydraulic cutter. Laco has hydraulic tools and offers and extremely flexible service.

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