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Holmatro Stationary Hydraulic Cutters

Holmatro stationary hydraulic cutters are designed to be used in production environments, for heavy duty cutting required for vehicle and white goods recycling. Holmatro stationary hydraulic cutters are made from high-grade steel. They weigh significantly more than mobile hydraulic cutters. Despite the weight, they do not physically strain the operator, because the weight does not directly rest upon the body thanks to the “balancer”.

At Laco, you can purchase or hire various Holmatro stationary hydraulic cutters with various capacities, for both one- and two-hands operation, with pumps and accessories.

Find out more information about how hydraulic cutters work.


The application for which you intend to use the cutter naturally determines which models are suitable. If you are planning on purchasing or hiring hydraulic cutter, please turn to a professional Laco employee for advice. He can help you select the stationary hydraulic cutter that fits your application perfectly, and advise you on how you can use the cutter in a safe and correct way. At Laco you will not only find the hydraulic tools you are looking for, but also the most flexible service.

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