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Holmatro Pullers

Holmatro hydraulic pullers are extremely effective

Holmatro pullers can be used to remove shaft-fitted parts (bearings or couplings). Holmatro hydraulic pullers are extremely effective and do not damage the parts.

Laco has various Holmatro hydraulic puller sets in its sale and rental selection.  The puller sets have a spread ranging from 200 to 630 mm and can be delivered with various hydraulic cylinders. We can even deliver cylinders manufactured in accordance with your specifications on request. The puller sets are delivered with pump and system components, exclusive of a cylinder; since there is such a wide variety of cylinders, these should be ordered or hired separately.


When removing bearings or couplings, it may occur that the parts that you want to remove differ in size. That is why it is important to discuss your intention of purchasing or hiring a Holmatro puller set with a Laco advisor. He can help you select the right combination of pullers, cylinders and pumps. At Laco, you can find the tools, expertise and service you are looking for.

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