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Boltight bolt tensioners are used to secure bolt connections (nuts and bolts) on rack. Doing that achieves the best tensioning of those compounds. The precision of bolt connections, for example in critical parts such as compressor lids, turbines and flange joints determines the functioning and reliability of the whole. Bolt tensioners prevent damage and unnecessary loss of time.

Boltight bolt tensioners are particularly accurate and durable because of their advanced technology; Boltight has some comprehensive programs for bolt tensioners. They are used in the industry, construction, power generation and offshore. Laco has Boltight bolt tensioning cylinders for sale and for rent.

Product group overview

Choosing the right Boltight bolt tensioners

Choosing the right bolt tensioning cylinders is not always easy. Therefore, please consult an expert employee of Laco for the best advice on this. He can cooperate with you to make the right decision on which bolt tensioning cylinder you need and advice you about the use and additional components. Laco does not only have the best bolt tensioners, but also offers tailored advice and excellent service.

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What kind of Boltight bolt tensioners does Laco have in store for you?

Topside bolt tensioners
Bolt tensioning cylinders that are used for different applications with a polyurethane seal (instead of nitrile rubber) which adapts to the housing of the plunger for a higher reliability and longer lifespan. The Boltight CTST topside program includes six bolt cylinders ranging from ¾ “to 4” (M16 to M100).

Sub sea bolt tensioners
The Boltight Optimus program provides bolt tensioners that are suitable for bolt tensioning operations underwater. They meet the highest standards of reliability and safety. Sub sea bolt tensioners are made of heavy duty stainless steel. Because of the ease of handling the tensioners are provided with a non-slip surface and a strap to hold the bolt tensioner.

Wind turbine bolt tensioners
Specifically for the use on bolts of windmills and wind turbines, Boltight produces WTB (Wind Turbine Bolted applications) and WTF (Wind Turbine Foundation) bolt tensioners, respectively, for the links in the upper part of the windmill (bearings, frame, confirmation of rotor blades) and the foot, especially where the precision of several bolt tensioners used simultaneously determines the reliability of the compounds.

Custom made bolt tensioners
Because bolt connections come in a variety of applications that are so different from each other, there are also many types of bolt tensioners. However, even if you can’t find the right bolt tensioner, Boltight can manufacture a bolt tensioner specifically for your application. You can contact Laco about this.

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