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Boltight Multi-Stud Tensioning

Boltight Multi-Stud Tensioning systems consist of a number of bolt tensioners which simultaneously bolting on rack fixing. As a result, the same precise and controlled tension is given to all the connections, so that the problems associated with the use of conventional torque wrench tool may be omitted. No uneven pressure on seals, causing leakage occurs, no broken bolts.

Another advantage of the use of a Boltight Multi-Stud Tensioning system is the speed, those parts which are to be connected, may be contiguous in a short time in the most reliable way, what is essential, for example, in an environment with a radiological emergency. In case of large numbers of flange connections in the use of this bolt clamping system can result in a lot of time.

The parts of a Boltight MSTS are carried out as light and compact as possible, without, of course, that the quality of the material is thereby reduced. The implementation of the components of this system is purely adapted to quality and reliability; as is used for the sealing polyurethane, and we find in order to speed up the assembling magnets into the transfer nut.

Laco delivers Boltight Multi-Stud Tensioning systems on demand.

A multi-stud tensioning system for your application

If you want your application to use the advanced technique of a Boltight MSTS, please contact Laco. There you will find specialists who can help you in determining the key specifications of your application and compiling a Multi-Stud Tensioning System. Laco does not only provide the most advanced equipment, but also offers expert advice and flexible service you need.

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