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Norbar Torque Wrenches

Norbar torque wrenches are a concept in workshops and factories. Norbar torque wrenches can be delivered in many types, all wrenches are reliable and exact tools, have a long life and offer the operator maximum comfort. All Norbar torque wrenches are individually calibrated.

The accuracy of the torque wrenches is of crucial importance for the reliability and life span of the bolted connection, on which the wrenches are used. The applied force should fall within certain tolerances to create the right tension in the bolted connection, making the connection strong and reliable. Various wrench shapes (open-end, ring etc.) can be placed on all wrenches.  Laco sells and rents all Norbar torque wrenches.

Would you like to know how to set a torque wrench? Check out our FAQ article!

Choosing a Norbar torque wrench

Would you like to purchase or hire a Norbar torque wrench? Then please first ask a professional Laco employee for advice. He will be able to tell you which torque wrench is the most appropriate one for your application and will moreover advise you on how to use it. At Laco, you cannot only purchase or hire the best torque tools, you will moreover get tailored advice and an excellent service.

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Norbar torque wrenches - the product range

The extensive Norbar torque wrench range can be divided into the following series:

TruTorque – The wrenches from the TruTorque series are easily adjustable and have a display on which the torque can be read (in Nm).  The wrenches are bi-directional and have an accuracy of ± 3%. The torque wrenches have a comfortable handle and the torque setting can be easily secured. Capacities vary from 20 to 50 Nm. Excluding TT screwdrivers, the torque limits for TT (TruTorque) ranges from our TTI20 with a 4-20Nm range to the TTI50 that has a 10 – 50Nm range. There’re many variant also inc Nm only scales and lbf.ft only scales.

Professional -The Professional Norbar torque wrenches are exact (±3%) and are directed at specific applications in the automotive or aviation industry. These tools have parts that resist all corrosive substances (such as skydrol) common in such environments, handles that provide excellent grip even in oily conditions and a locking mechanism, which prevents accidental adjustment of the wrench during operation. The ‘P’ types cannot be set by the user. Capacities from 1 to 200 Nm.

The 650 – 1500 (Nm) models have an “extension handle” to increase ease of use and a positive ‘click’ can be heard, seen and felt, when the desired torque is reached.

Industrial – The Industrial wrenches have the same technique as those included in the Professional series, but have a slightly higher capacity, ranging from 8 to 400 Nm. There is also a “P”-type (which cannot be set be the user) available in this series. There are extra long wrenches (3 AR-N to 6 R-N) for heavy duty activities with setting ranging from 120 to 2000 Nm.

Slimline – These torque wrenches are suitable for applications in areas, where there is not much space due to their compact size.  Very precise and reliable. Capacities from 4 to 20 Nm.

The wrenches are calibrated by means of Norbar testing instruments and Norbar reading instruments.

Read our article on how to set a torque wrench.

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