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How does a hydraulic cutter work?

A hydraulic cutter is ideal for cutting metal cables, pipes and strips. But how does a hydraulic cutter work? We’ll tell you in this article. While doing so, we pay special attention to the hydraulic cutters from Holmatro. A wide range of hydraulic tools from this quality brand can be bought and rented with us. 

Hydraulic mechanism

Hydraulic cutters utilize a hydraulic mechanism to close the scissors’ hardened steel blades. Oil under high pressure (around 700 bar) is pumped to the movement mechanism to deliver enough power to cut even the hardest materials. The hydraulic cylinders of some cutters are filled through an external pump, while others have an electric pump with a battery integrated in the scissors’ handle. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Read on to find the type of hydraulic cutter that is most suited for your job.

Mobile hydraulic cutters

Holmatro’s mobile hydraulic cutters are specially designed to be used on site. Examples include the dismantling of buildings, cleaning up of industrial cables, and the remediation of gas stations. For those kind of purposes, mobile cutters are made with easy handling and portability in mind. The electric and fuel-driven mechanisms in Holmatro’s mobile cutters are lightweight and compact. The brand also offers models with batteries, which are specially designed to work in hard to reach places. The durable yet lightweight aluminum construction of most mobile cutters makes them easy to handle and carry around.   

Stationary hydraulic scissors

In contrast to mobile cutters, stationary cutters are made for continuous use on a fixed worksite. These hydraulic cutter machines are often used in production processes, and in the recycling of cars and household appliances. Because of this, stationary cutters are developed for maximum durability and frequent use. The machines are largely made from high-grade steel, which results in a higher weight. Thanks to a so-called balancer, however, the weight does not rest directly on the user and a great ease of use is maintained.   

What blade for what kind of application?

Hydraulic cutters can be delivered with various types of blades for various applications.

Do you have questions about the right scissors or blade for your specific job? Ask our specialized team for advice.