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How to calibrate a torque wrench?

Calibrating a torque wrench is essential to ensure that it is providing accurate readings. Here are the steps to calibrate a torque wrench:

  1. Obtain a torque wrench calibration tool or a torque tester. This tool will allow you to check the accuracy of the wrench.
  2. Set the torque wrench to the lowest setting.
  3. Connect the torque wrench to the calibration tool.
  4. Apply a known weight or force to the calibration tool. The weight should be in the range that the torque wrench is designed to measure.
  5. Record the torque wrench reading.
  6. Compare the torque wrench reading to the known weight or force applied. If the reading is within the acceptable range, the torque wrench is calibrated. If it is not, adjustments may need to be made.
  7. Adjust the torque wrench if necessary. Most torque wrenches have an adjustment screw or knob that can be used to calibrate the wrench.
  8. Repeat the process of applying a known weight or force and recording the torque wrench reading until the wrench is accurately calibrated.
  9. Once the torque wrench is calibrated, use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and recalibrate it periodically to ensure accurate readings.