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What types of torque wrenches are available?

What type of torque wrench is best suited for your specific application? On this page we’ll discuss the various kinds of torque wrenches that are out there, as well as their pros and cons. While doing so, we’ll pay special attention to Norbar torque wrenches. As a distributor for this high-quality brand, we have a wide assortment that can be directly rented and bought from our own stock.

Click style torque wrench vs. beam type torque wrench

One of the main distinctions can be made between click style torque wrenches and beam type torque wrenches. Click style torque wrenches are most commonly used. These tools can be set before use and have a mechanism that produces a click when the desired torque is achieved. On one of our other FAQ pages, you can read more about setting a torque wrench. On beam type wrenches, by contrast, the applied torque can be read out during use. These wrenches have a flexible and a fixed part. The fixed part remains straight, while the main shaft bends proportionally to the torque that is applied and can be read from the indicator. Other, less common types are slipper and no-hub wrenches. Norbar’s digital torque wrenches are similar to click style wrenches, but have a digital display that allows you to set and use them with greater precision.    

Torque wrenches in all sorts and sizes

Manual torque wrenches allow you to accurately tighten bolted connections, without needing an external energy source. The tools multiply your power through leverage. The longer a torque wrench, the more leverage and power it produces. For really heavy jobs, we supply extra long Norbar wrenches (3 AR to 6 AR) with a capacity of up to 2000 Nm. A small disadvantage of tools with such a large capacity is that they are less accurate when fewer Nm’s are required. The attachment pieces for torque wrenches can be easily changed, allowing you to use them for different sizes of bolts.  

Torque wrenches for specific applications

Apart from the types of torque wrenches mentioned above, there are specific wrenches for specific applications. Norbar, for instance, produces specialized torque wrenches for the aviation and automotive industry. Additionally, they have a special product line for working in small spaces. For industrial applications that require more power than you can produce by hand, we also supply hydraulic torque wrenches and electric torque wrenches from Plarad. Want to know which torque wrench is most suited for your job? Our experts are happy to help out. 

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