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Ingersoll-Rand ARO piston pumps

Although ARO has been taken over by Ingersoll-Rand, the Ingersoll-Rand piston pumps are still called ARO, because the brand name is so well-known. ARO piston pumps are designed for pumping liquids with each possible viscosity, even the thickest fluids such as lubricants and mastic.

Ingersoll-Rand ARO piston pumps work very exact and are the most reliable air driven pumps on the market thanks to their simple construction. We can deliver three types of ARO piston pumps:

  • Two-ball piston pumps – the most versatile piston pump, for fluids with a low to average viscosity
  • Four-ball piston pumps – for applications with a higher fluid volume with a lower viscosity
  • Chop-check (extrusion) pumps – for applications with average to high viscosity fluids (ink, black lubricants)

Laco, Ingersoll-Rand importer, sells and rents ARO piston pumps.

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Choosing an Ingersoll-Rand ARO piston pump

Would you like to purchase or hire an ARO piston pump? Then please first ask Laco for advice. The professional Laco employees can help you select the most appropriate piston pump for your application. Laco can moreover advise you on use and maintenance. Laco does not only have the piston pump you are looking for, but also offers tailored advice and an excellent service.

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