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ARO – pump professionals

ARO pumps have been used for 80 years and all that time have enjoyed world-wide renown for their dependability, precision and versatility. When it comes to premium quality, high-tech pneumatic pumps, ARO offers you a huge selection. You see, ARO pump systems are suitable for pumping fluids with both low and high viscosity, even in difficult or explosive environments.

Due to their safety, precise operation and robustness, ARO pumps are widely used in the chemical process industry, the energy and pharmaceutical industries, mining and many other sectors. ARO pump systems have the highest specs in the market. Moreover, an ARO pump is also easy to maintain and repair. ARO is now part of Ingersoll-Rand.

Laco is importer of ARO pumps. Laco rents and sells ARO pumps suitable for a variety of fluids and applications.

Aro Pumps at Laco

At Laco you will find the following ARO pumps in our selection:

Choosing an ARO pump system

Are you considering buying or renting an ARO pneumatic pump? Ask a knowledgeable Laco adviser to help you make your choice. They can offer you custom-tailored advice on the pump that best suits your application, and provide the flexible service you will always find at Laco.