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Air Winches

Air winches or pneumatic winches are the ideal tools to hoist or pull up to about 10 ton. Because of their relatively compact size, reliability and extremely robust steel construction, air winches can be easily used. Air winches are mostly used in explosion hazardous environments, such as the onshore or offshore oil and gas extraction and for loading and unloading ships. All the air winches Laco sells and rents meet the safety requirements set out in the ATEX Directive.

Air winches are also used as passenger lift in the form of so-called “man riding winches”. Laco’s product range includes a wide variety of air winches, with different applications and capacities. You can purchase or hire these winches.


Which air winch would best fit your application needs is a question that cannot be answered so easily. That is why you should come to Laco; Laco does not only have a large selection of air winches, but also has the expertise to guarantee that you will find the most appropriate winch for your hoisting or pulling activities.

Ingersoll-Rand page


Ingersoll-Rand Since the take-over of Samiia and Beebe International, Ingersoll-Rand has the most comprehensive and all-round range of air winches, for each application. The IR air winches are maintenance friendly tools and can range in speed. Using an air winch does require some expertise. Laco is a certified Ingersoll-Rand importer and is therefore the right place to purchase or rent air winches, these tools are generally available off the shelf.

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