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Ingersoll-Rand Compressed-air Tools

The name Ingersoll-Rand is known throughout the world for generating, conditioning tools and compressed air applications. Many types of compressors are used in industrial environments for generating compressed air required for production activities and processes. But mostly compressed-air tools and air motors that are used for (industrial) finishing processes and air starting motors used for starting heavy-duty motors occupy an important place in the Ingersoll-Rand assortment.

Ingersoll-Rand dealer in The Netherlands

Laco has had a close connection with Ingersoll-Rand ever since the 70ies and is an importer and important supplier of the ATEX certified pulling and hoisting tools (pneumatic winches and pneumatic hoists) in the Netherlands. Laco also offers a large selection of compressors and industrial compressed-air tools van Ingersoll-Rand. Laco sells and rents (often off the shelf!) Ingersoll-Rand tools, machinery and materials.

Ingersoll-Rand at Laco

The main products of Ingersoll-Rand that you find at Laco:

Laco does not only have a large selection of Ingersoll-Rand products, Laco is also an importer and certified deliverer, which means that you are also at the right address for maintenance and service.

Choosing a Ingersoll-Rand product

Are you considering of purchasing or hiring Ingersoll-Rand tools or equipment? Please call in the professional help of a Laco advisor when making your choice.  He or she can give you professional advice and offer you that flexible service you can only get at Laco.