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Stanley tools

Stanley is a brand of the company Stanley Works that has been producing and distributing tools for 165 years.

Stanley hydraulic tools are used all over the world in the building, demolition, waste processing and recycling industry and are also used for the maintenance of infrastructures. Laco has included the Stanley hydraulic underwater tools in its product range.

Stanley underwater tools

The underwater tools occupy an important place in the Stanley product range.  Stanley produces underwater tools for projects requiring activities such as grinding, drilling or sawing to be performed under water. Stanley also produces impact wrenches for underwater use. Laco delivers Stanley tools on demand.

The persons and companies who purchase Stanley tools are mostly diving companies and contractors who build bulkheads under water. Stanley tools are an excellent choice for these types of applications.

Advice on choosing the right Stanley tool

Are you considering of purchasing a Stanley tool? Then please contact Laco. Laco has experts in the field of tools and machinery for all sorts of (special) applications. By giving you tailored advice, they can help you make the right choice, even if exceptional circumstances exist.