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Handtorques are used for manufacture, assembly and maintenance purposes. The tool is extremely easy to use and because it takes little physical effort to operate the tool (without an external power source), a handtorque is an excellent choice for applications requiring torque values up to ca. 1500 Nm.

Laco offers the extensive series of Norbar handtorques for purchase and hire. Norbar is a specialist manufacturer of high-quality and extremely precise torque wrenches.  Laco has the most appropriate handtorque for each application.

Choosing the right Handtorque

If you do not know what kind of torque wrench you need, have a look at our FAQ page bout the different types of handtorques. Also, do not hesitate to ask a professional Laco advisor for advice before purchasing or hiring a handtorque. He knows exactly which torque wrench your application requires. Laco does not only have an extensive and all-round product range for purchase or hire, but also has the expertise and offers the flexible service you are looking for.

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Which Norbar Handtorques can you find at Laco?

As Norbar importer, Laco offers the complete handtorque product range, even the simplest models feature an easily readeable scale for extreme precision.  All handtorques are individually calibrated.  The professional series of handtorques includes models with interchangeable end fittings or preset torque values. Norbar delivers non-magnetic torque wrenches for very specific applications (such as MRI manufacture).

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