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Laco Custom made

Slijpen - Laco Zaandam

“Custom made” is a term you encounter quite a lot, but it is seldom the case. “Custom made” is the order of the day at Laco. Plenty of companies come to Laco with special requests and questions regarding measurements, materials and tools.

What started out as a simple machine factory developed into an extremely specialized branch of Laco over the years, focusing on manufacturing tools, parts and applications in accordance with (customers’) specifications. You can always count on Laco, even if you have the most unusual requests regarding materials, parts and tools.  Laco is also able to quickly deliver all tools and equipment (mostly within 4 weeks), even Laco’s service is “custom made”, exactly tailored to your needs.

Laco offers you the expertise and experience of real professionals.

Custom made at Laco

If you are looking for an unusual size, a non-standard material or a technical adjustment, then do not waste any time searching for a standard solution. Come directly to Laco with your question or request. There you have experts, who will help you find the solution you need. Laco is the right address for all of your custom made tools and parts. Laco produces everything you need in accordance with your wishes and also offers professional advice and a flexible service.