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Buying Scroll compressors: Always ask for advice

Scroll compressors with corrosion-resistant materials guarantee a long useful life and low energy and maintenance costs. They contain fewer moving parts. For optimum reliability, the most important parameters are continuously monitored and they have protection class IP54.

Want to buy a scroll compressor? Always make sure you contact our specialists first to help you in making your choice. That way you will always be guaranteed to have the right compressor!

Characteristics of a Scroll compressor at a glance

  • Long useful life
  • Low energy costs
  • Every unit has advanced microprocessor control
  • To be operated using menus with various levels
  • Password protection
  • Warning signals

Ask which air scroll compressor you should use today. With Laco Air Solutions, work will be done professionally and always using the correct tools.

Service and Maintenance of your Scroll compressor

The maintenance interval and consequently the number of maintenance rounds is defined by the number of running hours of the scroll compressors per calendar year. The running hours help to determine the ageing period (wear) of the wear parts. Exceeding of the running hours leads to malfunction, risk of stoppage, installation power failures, unnecessary wear and higher energy consumption. Want to know more about the maintenance of your scroll compressor? You can read more about this here.

Want to know more about Scroll compressors?

Would you like more information on our product range? Then contact our specialists today, they will provide you with all the information you require