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Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Tools

The underwater tools are an important series of the Stanley hydraulic hand tool range. Because of the extent of specialisation and large variety of the tools, Stanley underwater tools are known all over the world by divers and diving companies, but also by contractors in the underwater building and maintenance industry and for rescue operations.

Stanley tools are used wherever structures should be built or maintained underwater. Stanley tools can also be used for underwater activities such as salvaging, or laying pipes (offshore).

The Stanley brand with its hydraulic underwater and utility tools in represented in the Laco product range.

Product group overview

Choosing the right tools for underwater use

If you want to use underwater tools, then please ask a professional Laco employee for advice. He can help you choose the right underwater tools and will also advise you on how to use them. At Laco you will not only find the best underwater tools, you will also get tailored advice and a first-class service.

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Which types of Stanley hydraulic underwater tools can you find at Laco?

The following Stanley tools have been included in the Laco product range:

BR – Drills for stone and concrete

CH – Chipping hammers for removing smaller pieces of stone or rock

CO – Saws for metal and stone

CS – Chain Saws for cutting all types of wood structures underwater, but also for stone and concrete

DL – Drill for wood, metal and masonry

GR – Grinder (for metal)

ID – Impact wrench / impact drill

IW – Impact wrench

HD – Drill for concrete, rock and masonry

SK – Drill for heavy-duty construction, also used for detecting gas leaks

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