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Ingersoll-Rand Accessories

If you are using industrial compressed air tools, with an air powered motor or air starter, pumps, compressors or lifting tools manufactured by Ingersoll-Rand, then you have chosen for extremely high-quality material. If you also need to purchase accessories, why not choose some of the same quality. Ingersoll-Rand accessories meet the exact same high standards as the application of tools for which they are intended and have advantageous tolerances.  If you are not using Ingersoll-Rand accessories, this will possibly influence the functioning and reliability of your precious tools.

As Ingersoll-Rand accessories importer, Laco can deliver all products from the IR range.

Do you need Ingersoll-Rand accessories?

Before purchasing or ordering Ingersoll-Rand accessories, it is wise to ask advice on how to use the IR accessory/accessories.  The professional Laco advisors can always tell you whether the accessory you need can be delivered and, if need, be, advise you on other options. Laco does not only deliver Ingersoll-Rand accessories, but also appropriate advice and an excellent service.

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