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Winches and Hoists: Ingersoll-Rand

Winches are hoisting or pulling tools that can move loads in a vertical and horizontal position. There are electric, hydraulic and air winches. Ingersoll-Rand winches are air winches, which are mostly used in explosion hazardous situations. Ingersoll-Rand air winches are compact, reliable and made from robust steel and meet the ATEX safety standards. The IR air winches are therefore often used in the onshore and offshore, oil and gas extraction for vertical lifting.

Hoists are suitable for hoisting (vertical transport) very heavy loads. The Ingersoll-Rand hoists are air hoists. They do not produce any sparks and are therefore often used in explosion hazardous offshore applications and for other activities to which the ATEX Directive applies. The IR hoists are also used to replace older hoisting installations or as a temporary solution, since they can be easily installed and have favourable features.

You can purchase or hire the Ingersoll-Rand air winches and hoists tools in various capacities at Laco.

Winches and Hoists, in stock at Laco

It is best to discuss which hoist or winch is the most appropriate one for your application with a professional Laco advisor. He can select the best possible solution for your hoisting activities together with you and advise you on how to use the winch or hoist.

Laco is a certified Ingersoll-Rand importer and is therefore the right place to purchase or rent (air) winches and (air) hoists, these tools are often available off the shelf.

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