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Laco provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of its product range on this website to give you a clear impression of what you can expect at Laco. Despite all this, it is possible that you still might have a request or a question, to which you cannot immediately find the answer. In that case we recommend you to contact us directly. Our employees are attainable every Monday to Friday between 07.30 AM until 05.30 PM (Central European Time). All our phone numbers are listed at the bottom of this and all other pages of the website.

If you prefer to send us a message, we offer the possibility of sending this message directly to us below. Please do not forget to mention your contact details and the product of the website that you wish to receive more information about. Reply is within 12 hours on Monday to Friday.

Urgent matters? Please use our 24-hour service!

For urgent matters outside of working hours you can call the Office. You’ll get a phone number of the 24-hour service and they will try to assist you.