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Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic tools are frequently used in environments, where no electric tools may be used due to risk of explosion. These environments may be industrial, but e.g. also service stations and car workshops. Pneumatic tools are not only safe, they are moreover clean and reliable.

Pneumatic tools are mostly used for tightening and loosening bolted connections with a specific torque. Due to the large variety of bolted connections, there are also many pneumatic torque wrenches, often manufactured for one particular (specialised) application.

Laco sells and rents pneumatic tools of the following brands: Ingersoll-Rand, Norbar and Plarad. Laco performs maintenance works, repairs and certifications for all brands of pneumatic (compressed-air) tools.

Choosing Pneumatic tools

Ask a professional Laco employee for advice before purchasing or hiring torque wrenches or other pneumatic tools. He will be able to help you choose the right tool and will also advise you on how to use it and how to combine it with accessories. Laco does not only have a large product range of hydraulic tools, but also offers tailored advice and an excellent service.

Which types of Pneumatic torque wrenches can you find at Laco?

Plarad logo Ingersoll Rand Logo Norbar tools

Laco has air driven torque wrenches from the product range of:

Ingersoll-Rand – Pneumatic impulse nut runners and squared torque wrenches (1/4” , 3/8”, 1/2” and 3/4”) with capacities up to 270 Nm. Ingersoll-Rand moreover manufactures other air-driven tools such as drills and grinders.

Norbar – The extensive Norbar PneuTorque series of pneumatic torque wrenches for the most diverse application, also for bolted connections with a large wrench width, in spaces with limited freedom of movement requiring a high torque, especially for truck wheels or applications requiring an extremely high torque. Capacities from 500 to 300,000 Nm.

Plarad – The Plarad pneumatic wrenches have a hand-operated or automatic two speed drive and are not only practical handheld tools, they have a revolutionary ergonomic design. With capacities from 60 to 12,000 Nm.

HolmatroHolmatro flow stoppers are used to seal pipes and tubes in an effective way, to prevent chemicals and potentially hazardous substances such as oil and petrol from leaking.


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