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Stanley Utility Tools

Stanley utility tools are used in the building, infrastructure, demolition and recycling industry. The hydraulic tools that Stanley manufactures are designed for heavy-duty activities, and intended to be used on difficult materials such as concrete, rock, heavy metal and wooden beams.

Stanley utility tools are extremely robust and a small number of very versatile hydraulic gasoline pumps is available for the various tools in the product range. These pumps are, even though they are extremely powerful, compact and portable tools that can be used everywhere.

Laco delivers the entire Stanley utility tools range.

Product group overview

Choosing the right Stanley utility tools

If you want to use Stanley tools, then please ask a professional Laco employee for advice. He will be able to help you choose the right tool and will also advise you on how to use it and how to combine it with a pump and system components. You do not only find the best utility tools at Laco, you also get professional advice and an excellent service.

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Which Stanley utility tools can you find at Laco?

The following Stanley series have been included in the Laco product range:

BR – Drills for stone, concrete, rock and asphalt

CH – Chipping hammers for removing smaller pieces of concrete, rock, masonry and pavement

DR – Digging tools for hard surfaces such as clay or frozen ground

CT – Crimping tools for loops, cable ends and connectors

CO – Saws for concrete, stone, steel and metal pipes There is also a practical cart available, on which the saws can be mounted, e.g. for asphalt works.

GR – Grinders with a flat or blunt tip for excavating activities (for metal)

CD – Drills for concrete, masonry and asphalt

DL – Drill for wood, metal and masonry

HD – Drill for wood, concrete, rock and masonry

SK – Drill for heavy-duty construction, also used for detecting gas leaks

DS – Chain saws for (armoured) concrete, stone, masonry

ID – Impact wrench / impact drill for bolted connections and drilling

IW – Wrench for bolted connections

EA – Earth drill to prepare the ground for pole placing

GD – Hammer for (galvanised) earth pillars

PD – Hammer for various types of poles and tubes

PP – Puller for removing poles

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