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Ingersoll-Rand Assembly Tools

A wide range of tools for (dis)assembling bolted connections are known collectively as Ingersoll-Rand assembly tools. The Ingersoll-Rand screwdrivers, ratchets, torque wrenches and drills are used for all sorts of assembly activities because of their high quality and durability: e.g. transport (trucks), manufacturing and industry (white goods, furniture), infrastructure (railways), shipbuilding and manufacturing of electronics and medical precision tools.

Ingersoll-Rand assembly tools are appropriate for bolted connections, varying from M3 up to M20 and can be delivered with compressed air drive or carbon brush free electric drive. Because the assembly tools are carbon brush free, they require less maintenance and will last longer.

Choosing Ingersoll-Rand assembly tools

Before purchasing Ingersoll-Rand assembly tools, we recommend you ask advice on the use and application of the tools. The professional Laco advisors can help you select the best tools from the extensive Ingersoll-Rand product range. Laco is not only the main supplier of Ingersoll-Rand assembly tools, but also offers expert advice and a flexible service.

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Computer-controlled assembly tools

Quite unique in the Ingersoll-Rand product range is computerised assembly: some product lines are able to control tools with a computer in order to have maximum control over the tightening of bolted connections. It is even possible to control a number of tools simultaneously.

Laco is an importer of Ingersoll-Rand assembly tools and can deliver all products from the range, including accessories.

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