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Enerpac hydraulisch gereedschap

Enerpac is a big name in the development and production of hydraulic tools. Enerpac offers a comprehensive range of high-pressure hydraulic products. Enerpac hydraulic tools are used in the building, infrastructure, offshore, chemical and petrochemical industry.

Enerpac’s product range of high-pressure hydraulic equipment and tools has been composed in a very clever way: you can always find the ideal combination of e.g. hydraulic pumps and system components, as well as couplings and pressure gauges. Laco gladly offers you advice if you wish to purchase or hire Enerpac hydraulic tools. Laco is the most specialized supplier and letter of Enerpac equipment. Laco has been certified by Enerpac as “Authorized Service Centre” on the highest possible level for maintenance and repair.


The Enerpac range you can find at Laco consists of, amongst other products:

single-acting hydraulic cylinders
double-acting hydraulic cylinders
lock nut cylinders
hydraulic pumps
• flange spreaders
tools for bolted connections
torque wrenches


Are you considering of purchasing an Enerpac hydraulic tool? Then please contact Laco.  At Laco, you will get the advice you were looking for: our advisors anticipate your needs and can help you chose the most appropriate combinations of tools and system components. Even for more specific and specialist questions you will get the answer you were looking for at Laco.