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Maintenance of pneumatic tools

Timely maintenance of pneumatic tools extends the life of your torque wrenches and other air tools. Besides that, maintenance ensures your pneumatic tools keep working in a safe and reliable way. We carry out maintenance work for all compressed air tool brands, including Ingersoll Rand, Norbar and Plarad. Our maintenance services include checking the air connections and moving parts, and cleaning, lubricating and replacing parts if necessary.

Inspection and certification of pneumatic tools

Laco is authorized to perform the periodic inspections of pneumatic tools that are required by legal regulations. After a thorough inspection of your compressed air tools, in which we check the most important parts one for one, we can provide you with the legal certifications and stickers that indicate the term for re-testing. Our inspection also gives you the confidence that your pneumatic equipment meets factory standards and can be operated safely.

Repair of pneumatic tools

Laco is able to repair pneumatic tools from all brands. When your pneumatic tools are broken or do not function properly, we have the knowledge and facilities to identify and solve the problem. If parts need to be replaced, we only use original, high-quality spare parts. When you get your compressed air tools back after reparation by Laco, they are as good as new; our experts make sure your pneumatic tools can be used in a safe and dependable way for years to come.

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