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Compressed-Air Tools

Compressed-air tools are used in various industrial applications, but also in (automotive) maintenance, ship building and environments, where one cannot work with electricity due to explosion hazard. Compressed-air tools have three striking features: clean, safe and reliable, that is why they have so many applications.

Laco sells and rents Ingersoll-Rand compressed-air tools. Laco is an importer of this brand, and can therefore not only dispose of the complete range of compressed-air tools, but also offer the required service. Ingersoll-Rand compressed-air tools are generally low maintenance and have a long service life (up to 20 years).

Laco maintains, repairs and certifies all compressed-air tool brands.

Choosing Compressed-air Tools

Ask a professional Laco employee for advice before purchasing or hiring hydraulic pneumatic tools. He can help you choose the best compressed-air tool for your application and will also advise you on how to use it, the additional possibilities and accessories. Laco does not only have a large product range of compressed-air tools, but also offers tailored advice and an extremely flexible service. Find out what is the best air compressor for your air tools.

Which types of Compressed-air Tools can you find at Laco?

The pneumatic tool range at Laco can be divided into three types:

Assembly tools – for loosening/tightening bolted connections. Are used in manufacturing and industry, transport, shipbuilding and infrastructure. Wrench widths M3 to M20 are available for bolted connections.  Computer-controlled compressed-air tool drive is possible for some product series.

Automotive maintenance tools – for car maintenance. Are used in workshops and garages for all possible maintenance activities: screwing (screwdrivers, ratchet wrenches and impact wrenches), sanding (sanding and polishing machinery), drilling (drills and chipping hammers) and grinding (grinders).

Industrial tools – for construction (sawing, drilling, pumping), finishing (polishing machinery and grinders) maintenance (impact wrenches, maintenance products) and light hoisting activities (ratchet hoists, manual hoists). Are used in the industry, safety technique and climate-controlled environments.