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Plarad tools for bolted connections

Plarad stems from the engineering factory founded in 1962, which produced tools for the automobile industry.  Plarad (Planeten Rad) has taken its name from the manual torque multipliers, which were based on the planetary gear sets. Plarad’s programme gradually developed into a complete range of torque wrenches, power multipliers and pumps, which are now known all over the world for their precision and excellent quality.

The product range of Plarad is widely represented at Laco, both for purchase as well as hire. The tools for bolted connections are directed at the somewhat larger wrench widths, roughly ranging from M16 to M100.

Plarad tools at Laco

Choosing the right Plarad tool

If you wish to purchase or hire Plarad tools, please be sure to ask a professional Laco employee for advice. He or she will be able to help you choose the right Plarad tool for your application demands and will also advise you on the (combination) possibilities. At Laco you will not only find a huge range of tools for bolted connections, you will also get tailored advice and the flexible service you are looking for.