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Compressed air hoses: View accessories

You need a strong compressed air hose for your compressed air installation, with sturdy couplings and preferably a flexible turning reel. Laco Air Solutions supplies 100% safe compressed air hoses with all associated accessories and appendages.

Which compressed air hose do i need?

Opt for quality and not the cheapest solution, as compressed air hoses need to be able to withstand high pressure for extended periods, and over many years. That is why you should ask our specialists for advice on which hose you need. It will not always save you money but it will possibly save you (major) problems.

High quality compressed air require regular maintenance!

By carrying out systematic maintenance, your entire compressed air installation will continue to work efficiently and it will last longer. With our Service & Maintenance contract you will be guaranteed high quality compressed air at all times. For users with high demands in terms of compressed air quality, we for take note of when accessories, such as filters or valves may possibly need to be replaced, outside of regular maintenance to the compressor and dryer.

Would you like more information on compressed air hoses?

Then contact our compressed air specialists today to make an