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Hydraulic Cutters

Hydraulic cutters are hydraulic tools that can be used everywhere for cutting steel and electric cables. Hydraulic cutters are frequently used in the building, disassembly industry for demolition and infrastructure activities.

Most hydraulically powered cutters are handheld tools that can also be manually operated, which makes them very mobile. For (heavy-duty) cutting activities, e.g. in manufacturing processes, there are stationary hydraulic cutters, which are larger, held by a cable and can only be operated by hand. Read more information about how hydraulic cutters work here.

Hydraulic cutters save time and are easy to work with. At Laco, you can find various types and capacities of hydraulic cutters for purchase or hire.

Product group overview

Choosing a hydraulic cutter

Ask a professional Laco employee for advice before purchasing or hiring a hydraulic cutter. He can tell you everything about the differences between the cutters included in the range and can help you choose the right cutter for your application. At Laco you will not only find hydraulic cutter tools, we also offer professional advice and the most flexible service.

Which brands and types of cutters can you find at Laco?

Laco has included the following brands and types in its selection:

Enerpac: mobile hydraulic cable cutters, capacities ranging from 3 to 20 ton

Holmatro: mobile and stationary cutters, capacities ranging from 18 to 26 ton, minicutter

Rehobot: mobile cutters, capacities up to 105 ton, minicutter

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