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Buying Compressors and Air Compressors

At Laco Air Solutions you will find the most appropriate compressor for every possible application. We have compressors in stock and will meet your needs as quickly as possible. Need a compressor or air compressor? Make an appointment with our specialists now and they will be happy to quickly assist you further.

Maintenance and service of your compressors

Do you want your compressor to last for longer? The Laco Air Solutions Service & Maintenance contract allows for the systematic maintenance of your compressor. In this way, you can prevent malfunctions and loss of quality. With our Service & Maintenance contract you will also be able to manage energy consumption through the timely replacement of contaminated parts or parts subject to wear. Read more about the advantages here!

View the various types of Compressors and their applications:

  • Reciprocating compressors: this type of mechanical compressor is used among others in workplaces and for pneumatic tools such as nail guns and staple guns.
  • Screw compressors: the general industrial compressor. This type of low noise compressor – in which air or gas is compressed between two rotating parts – is used for all applications for which other compressors cannot be used.
  • Diesel-powered compressors: in places where no electricity is available, diesel-powered compressors can produce the necessary compressed air.
  • High pressure compressors: these are used among others in tank and offshore installations and can supply pressure of up to 345 bar
  • Scroll compressors with corrosion-resistant materials guarantee a long useful life and low energy and maintenance costs.

Want to know more about renting or buying (air) compressors?

Then contact one of our specialists today. They will be happy to assist you further with in-depth advice!