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Looking for a Frequency-Controlled Compressor?

With a frequency-controlled compressor you can easily save 10-25% on electricity consumption. Frequency control is profitable with a strongly fluctuating demand for compressed air, or for example in cascade systems. You can then precisely adjust the capacity to the demand for compressed air, within set limits.

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Key characteristics of a Frequency-controlled Compressor at a glance

  • Adjusts the capacity to the demand for compressed air
  • 10-25% lower energy costs
  • Start-up without current spikes
  • Can easily be combined with a conventional compressor

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Service and Maintenance of your Frequency-controlled Compressor

The mission of Laco Air Solutions B.V. is to replace special wear parts as late as possible so as to avoid unnecessary costs. Compressors have a number of wear parts that can last longer than one interval, depending on the type of use and environmental factors. These are – among others – the inlet valve, minimum pressure valve, automatic drain and floats. Replacing on time avoids any possible interruptions. Want to know more about the maintenance of your frequency-controlled compressor? You can read more about this here.

Want to know more about Frequency-controlled Compressors?

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