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Twelve-Sided Profiles from Laco

Manufacturing twelve-sided profiles for impact-resistant cap nuts instead of hexagonal ones, is something that Laco is accustomed to; even better, Laco also manufactures twelve-sided wrench widths in accordance with your specifications. All tools and parts can be “custom made” at Laco.

Special applications often have special technical requirements, for which no standard tools or materials can be supplied. Whether it concerns twelve-sided profiles or rare wrench widths; you cannot think of any profile that Laco cannot supply.

Laco’s machine factory has been producing special tools and parts for each thinkable application for a long time. The special products that Laco manufactures in accordance with the clients’ specifications can be delivered within a reasonable period of time (on average within four weeks), since they are produced in our own factory.

Are you looking for a special wrench width or an unusual square drive? At Laco you will find the expertise and experience you need.

Special Laco products

Perhaps you are looking for a very rare piece of equipment, or you need a coupling that you cannot order anywhere else. Then you should definitely go to Laco. Laco employees are used to be asked questions about extraordinary sizes, materials and models. Laco is the right address for all of your custom made tools and parts. We cannot only manufacture that one special product for you at Laco, we also provide professional advice and a first-class service.