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Hydraulic tools

There are specialised hydraulic tools available for tightening bolted connections, safely splitting nuts, spreading flanges, cutting cables or lifting heavy objects.

Maintenance, manufacturing or assembly works often require an efficient application of precision force. Hydraulic tools are manufactured to meet the requirements of industrial applications. Using the right hydraulic tools saves time and money and is mostly safer than the existing solutions.

Due to the specific applications of hydraulic tools, there is a large selection of tools, as well as “peripheral equipment” such as pumps, cylinders and system components available for powering tools. Laco has a very extensive selection of hydraulic tools and accessories. You can hire or purchase these tools at Laco.

Choosing hydraulic tools

Which hydraulic tool is the most suitable one for your application? We can best answer this question after talking to you in person, because of to the large quantity of specific hydraulic tools and accessories available. That is why we advise you to contact Laco before purchasing or hiring any tools. There you will find professional advisors, who can help you select the right hydraulic tool, which is always quickly available. Laco has the products and flexible service you are looking for.

Which brands and types of hydraulic tools are available at Laco?







  • bolt tensioners
  • hydraulic nuts