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Hydraulic Petrol Pumps

Hydraulic petrol pumps are often used in places, where there is no electricity readily available. These pumps can be used to power single-acting hydraulic cylinders for lifting, pushing, moving activities as well as for power double-acting hydraulic cylinders, which can be used in combination with hydraulic tools.

Hydraulic petrol pumps are therefore made as robust and mobile as possible, for instance by placing them on wheels. The places, where the works have to be performed are often broken grounds and have not (yet) been equipped with electricity supplies.

Laco’s product range includes various hydraulic petrol pumps for purchase or hiring, and we also offer you matching cylinders, system components and tools.

Choosing a Hydraulic petrol pump

Would you like to purchase or hire a hydraulic petrol pump? Then please first ask a professional Laco employee for advice. He can tell you everything you need to know about the applications of the pump, the possibilities of combining it with cylinders or system components. This way, you will be sure that you are choosing the right pump. Laco has an extensive product range and the flexible service you are looking for.

Which Hydraulic petrol pumps can you find at Laco?

hydraulic petrol pumps with three different engine capacities, four different reservoir capacities, you can use many different hydraulic cylinders.

14 hydraulic petrol pumps, both 1- and 2-stages. The oil pressure is maintained, if power source fails in Holmatro pumps.

2 hydraulic petrol pumps (one for single- and one for double-acting tools) with a large capacity.

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