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Geared Offsets

Geared offsets (also referred to as offset gears) are actually extension tools that can be used in combination with torque multipliers and torque wrenches in places that cannot be reached with a manually operated torque multiplier or wrench; bolts with an extremely low screw thread (heat exchangers) for example. Because industrial installations often have quite uncommon dimensions, geared offsets are mostly custom made, in accordance with the customers’ specifications.

Laco has a selection of offset gears from the brands NorbarIngersoll-Rand and Plarad.

Using Geared offsets

Because geared offsets are no standard tools, it is important that you take all sizes and capacities that your application requires into account when selecting a geared offset. Please ask a professional Laco employee for advice before making your choice.  He can help you out with the specifications and make sure you select an ideal combination of geared offsets and other tools. Laco will not only provide you with the right tool, but also with professional advice and support.

Geared offsets