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Hydraulic Electric Pumps

Since most places, where electric cylinders are used, mostly have electricity supplies, electric hydraulic pumps are primarily used.

Hydraulic electric pumps, which are available in many types and capacities, can power all possible single- and double-acting cylinders. For simple activities only requiring lift, push or move force, but also for more refined applications such as aligning bolted connections.

Electric hydraulic pumps are also the most obvious option, if you want to power multiple cylinders simultaneously.

Laco’s product range includes various hydraulic electric pumps for purchase or hire, which you can combine with matching cylinders, system components and (hydraulic) tools.

Product group overview

Choosing a Hydraulic electric pump

Would you like to purchase or hire a hydraulic electric pump? Then please first contact Laco. There you will find professional advisors, who will advise you on the possible applications and use.  This way you will definitely choose the most appropriate electric pump. Laco does not only have a large product range, but also offers the flexible service you are looking for.

Which Hydraulic electric pumps can you find at Laco?

Rehobot hydraulics tools Enerpac tools Holmatro tools

Enerpac electric pumps are lightweight models (ranging from 11.8 to 18.6 kg) and feature a large handle, which makes them easy to move. For a wide range of applications and cylinders.

230 or 400 Volt pumps, also for applications requiring a large capacity.  Holmatro also has an extremely compact and light hydraulic electric pump and a hydraulic electric twin pump with separate outputs.

heavy-duty pumps in many models, mostly for industrial applications such as presses and bending machines, to combine with valves and handles for single- or double-acting cylinders and with various operating possibilities.

Enerpac hydraulische pompen