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Renting or buying air dryers

Laco Air Solutions air dryers supply clean, dry compressed air. Our air dryers (also called refrigeration dryers) guarantee a constant dew point at all load levels and meet industry standards regarding the continuous supply of dry compressed air. With reliable, dry compressed air you are able to reduce the chance of corrosion in the compressed air piping network, contamination in the production process and damage to compressed air tools.

Looking for a suitable air dryer for your compressed air installation? Then make sure you first contact the Laco Air Solutions air dryer specialists, which will ensure you will always be guaranteed to make the right choice!

Characteristics of our air dryers

  • Alarm contact
  • Alarm display for sensor malfunction, low, high and very high dew points, ambient temperature and ventilator speed
  • Full and multifunctional control panel
  • Power save mode (automatically switches the dryer off with low loads)
  • Maintenance intervals
  • Overview of the latest warnings

Ask which air dryer you should use today. With Laco Air Solutions, you will always have the right equipment.

Service and Maintenance of your air dryer

Want to know how to always be guaranteed high quality compressed air? When you purchase an air dryer you can use our Service & Maintenance contract. The Laco Air Solutions Service & Maintenance contract provides for the systematic maintenance of your air dryer, which means that you can substantially increase the useful life of your air dryer. In addition, this contract is not tied to a brand name. Want to know more? Read more about all the advantages here!

Air dryers and their applications

Our high quality air dryers are used for a large number of applications in many industries, including:

  • Automobile industry and car repair
  • Chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Metals and plastics
  • Oil and gas
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Other production

Want to know more about air dryers?

Would you like to receive more information on our wide range of air dryers? Then contact our specialists today, they will quickly provide you with all the information you require!