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Enerpac Nut Splitters

Enerpac nut splitters are the ideal tools to use in places, where old (loose) or rusted nuts should be removed in an efficient way.  That is why nut splitters are often used for maintenance of railways and trucks, in the mining, petrochemical and steel industry. Laco sells and rents Enerpac nut splitters in capacities ranging from 5 to 190 ton, for nut dimensions ranging from M6 to M90 (hexagonal wrench width 130 mm) and even larger ones on request.

Safely using Nut Splitters

Because not every shape and type of nut (square ones for example) can be split as easily as others, it is wise to ask a Laco specialist for advice before purchasing an Enerpac nut splitter. He can help you select the right splitter for your application and can advise you on how to use the tool in a safe way.

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