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Plarad Battery Powered Torque Wrenches

Torque wrenches are available in all sorts of capacities and models, they do however not all allow the user to move around freely. Torque wrenches and torque multipliers may physically strain the operator due to the reaction force. Hoses cannot be avoided when using torque wrenches.

You can opt for a PLARAD (cordless) battery powered torque wrench, in order to meet all requirements with respect to freedom of movement as well as ergonomics. Extremely mobile and manoeuvrable, since they are battery powered tools and very easy to use from a health and safety point of view, because of the pistol grip and low reaction force. The reaction arm of the PLARAD battery powered torque wrenches takes virtually all the operational load off the operator.

PLARAD battery powered electric and electronic torque wrenches are lightweight tools, but have an unmatched torque power and are extremely accurate (PLARAD DA Models ± 5 %).  PLARAD cordless electric torque wrenches are all calibrated, and supplied with calibration chart.

Laco sells and rents PLARAD electric torque wrenches.

Choosing a Plarad Torque Wrench

Would you like to purchase or hire a battery powered torque wrench? Please ask a professional Laco employee for advice.  He can give you professional advice and help you choose the most appropriate Plarad wrench and also inform you on how to use it. Laco does not only have electric battery powered torque wrenches, but also offers tailored advice and an excellent service.


Battery powered Torque Wrenches: Da and digital da

Laco delivers PLARAD cordless electrical torque wrenches with clear fine tuning possiblities.

DA– Handheld battery powered torque wrenches with capacities ranging from 30 – 2.600 Nm, ideal for places, that are not easily accessible and applications where compressed air or electricity is not readily available. Offered with automated two speed models. With ¾ “ or 1” square drive. DA battery powered torque wrenches are delivered with a standard reaction arm, two 18 Volt Li-ion chargeable batteries (Lithium Ion batteries have no memory effect and can as such be recharged many times) and a battery charger, in a weather proof storage case.

Plarad battery and tools