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Holmatro Lifting Bags

Holmatro lifting bags are ideal for lifting heavy loads in places, where there is insufficient time or space to opt for another lifting solution.

Holmatro lifting bags are extremely easy to use; they are compact when empty and can be inflated with a simple pump or air cylinder. They can be used in every position and have maximum grip on all surfaces, which will make it impossible for the load to slide off.

Holmatro lifting bags will fit practically everywhere, thanks to their lower profile edges. The bags are reliable, durable and maintenance friendly.

Laco has a large selection of Holmatro lifting bags for purchase and hire in 12 different (lifting force) capacities ranging from 1 to 67 ton.

Choosing a Holmatro lifting bag

When selecting a Holmatro lifting bag, it is wise to discuss the desired application with a Laco employee. He can give you advice on the correct use of the lifting bag and will help you make the right choice for your application. He will moreover be able to tell you which operating valve(s) and accessories you will need. Laco does not only have the tools you are looking for, Laco also offers the service and expertise you deserve.

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