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Norbar precision tools

Norbar has been producing torque wrenches and other assembly tools since 1942. The accuracy of the production process is what distinguishes Norbar from its competition. Striving for precision has resulted in a large range of high-quality assembly tools over the years. To guarantee the precision and accuracy of these tools, Norbar has also developed an extremely specialized package of testing and measuring instruments, enabling the operators to use all sorts of tools at the desired specifications.

The combination of the extremely accurate torque transducers and the versatile measuring instruments (incl. software) enable all operators to calibrate the torque wrenches themselves.

Norbar can also deliver tools and testing instruments in accordance with customers’ specifications. Offering “custom made” tools and specialized instruments can be regarded of as unique.

You can find a large selection of Norbar products at Laco for purchase or hire. You are also at the right address for service and maintenance of Norbar products.

Norbar tools and equipment by Laco

At Laco you will find the following Norbar products in the assortment:

Laco does not only have a large selection of Norbar tools and instruments, but can also guarantee a quick and specialized service.

Choosing the right Norbar tools

Please ask a professional Laco advisor for advice before purchasing or hiring Norbar precision tools.  He or she can help you choose the right tools or the most appropriate Norbar testing instruments. He or she will moreover advise you on additional possibilities. You will always get helpful advice at Laco. At Laco you will not only find a huge Norbar product range, you will also get tailored advice and an excellent service.