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Laco rental

Laco sells and / or rents tools from the following brands:

It is all about increasing industrial productivity and efficiency. Laco Air Solutions provides you with complete compressed air installations, tools and pumps.

As an industry leader for more than 100 years, Ingersoll Rand has a strong understanding of the jobs power tools are called on to perform.

Bolt tensioners are the ideal tools for tensioning bolts and nuts simultaneously on closures. Bolted joints are used in critical spots of constructions and installations in the building and industry.

Enerpac cable tighteners are made to tighten and secure cables in the building and infrastructure industry. These cables can have different diameters, since Enerpac’s product range of tightening tools features various models, which come complete with matching accessories such as saddles and wedges.

Single-acting cylinders are the most universal hydraulic cylinders. They are used in many industries, often for very specific activities, entirely geared to the application.

Hydraulic petrol pumps are often used in places, where there is no electricity readily available. These pumps can be used to power single-acting hydraulic cylinders for lifting, pushing, moving activities as well as for power double-acting hydraulic cylinders, which can be used in combination with hydraulic tools.

Many of the projects and commissions you take on have to be completed on time.  You may encounter delays, because an essential piece of equipment becomes defective, or because your tools are not equipped for the required capacity. In this case, you will need a solution, and fast!

Even when you are preparing for a project, you take the availability of the required equipment and tools into account.  You want to be able to count on a specialized rental company in both cases. Laco offers you a large and all-round product range and expert advice. You want to be able to use the required tools in a timely manner; you can hire exactly what you need at Laco. Please contact us to secure a timely completion of your project.

You will find it at Laco

Laco has a large range of specialized compressors, pumps, hydraulic tools, hoist and lifting tools. Our extensive fleet consisting of pneumatic winches and hoists (capacities up to 50 ton), dozens of hydraulic torque wrenches (capacities up to 40,000 Nm) and hydraulic cylinders (capacities up to 1000 ton) is unique.

The list of equipment and tools you can hire at Laco is gradually expanding. Do you have any questions or doubts regarding the equipment you wish to hire? Then please contact Laco. Our professional employees will help you out with tailored advice. And they will naturally tell you which tools are available.  You will be surprised at the level of professionalism and dedication of the Laco advisors and at how specialized and all-round our rental product range is.

What can you hire at Laco?